Protectors of the Poop

We have a daily ritual of cleaning the poop off the deck under the roosts. It should be a quick job but the girls like to make it difficult.

The 3 largest girls jockey for position as the mother hen and cover each other when the other 2 aren’t around. They are very protective of the other chickens. If we pick up a hen and she squabbles, 1 or all 3 of them run up and start pecking our legs!

When we clean in the coop we try to keep the girls outside with snacks or opening their run for free ranging, but some will stay in the nesting boxes or just hang out. When we start scraping off the poop deck those 3 big hens jump on the roosts and give me an ear full squawking like crazy! We can still get the work done but how protective do you have to be over poop!  I don’t know whether to call it annoying or entertaining. You decide. The video below is on their YouTube channel.