New Hens First Egg Song

It was a couple days after we got our first small egg from the new girls. As I was gardening outside I heard one of the girls making her first attempt at the egg song. A not so good attempt, but it still stopped me in the tracks wondering if we got another first egg!

It’s hard to sneak up on these girls. Being so new to the world they are always on edge. When I heard the squawking I tried to sneak up to the window to see what was going on but of course they heard me.and stopped singing.

Curious if we got any new eggs I went inside the coop and took a look around. There was one hen on the edge of the nesting boxes and a bunch of the others staring at her. Must be the singer!

I opened up the nesting box tray and the only eggs inside were the fake training eggs they knock out . Oh well…..

Here it is a few days later and we have 4 more eggs! But they are so small all 4 fit in my one hand! At least now we have enough to cook! I cracked the first one open and out pops 2 yolks! We got a double yolker here! It’s not unusual for this to happen. I’m just crossing my fingers the eggs get bigger quick so we can start selling eggs again!

Here the egg song on the girls YouTube channel: