Madder than a Wet Hen

I hate the snow. I’d be fine living somewhere where it never snows. The girls agree with me. In the morning when there is snow outside. I clear a space in the run and put straw down for them to walk on. I open the chicken door and they peak out. The minute they see the white stuff they go right back into the coop for the day. The problem is, when they stay in the coop they get on each others nerves and start pecking at each other. I go through a lot of antibacterial spray and invested in a lot of hen aprons to cover their wounds so they can’t peck at them.

It’s different when it rains. Since it’s not freezing cold out so the girls will stay outside longer get soaking wet. That’s fine, but it makes them a little moody and sometimes that rain turn into snow. Chickens aren’t smart enough to know when they are getting frost bite. Wet skin can get frost bite in 10 minute of freezing temperatures and that is not something you want to mess with! I’ve seen pictures of chickens who lost their feet to frostbite!

A few days ago they were free ranging when it really started to rain. I couldn’t get them wrangled back into their run let alone their coop. The sun started to go down and I started to panic. Shaking the snack bucket I finally got most of them inside. They were dripping wet and being pretty fussy. Towels weren’t drying their small downy feathers. They looked miserable! It was down to 37 degrees and dropping. Time to turn on the ceramic heaters!

So here I am tonight with wet chickens only getting wetter as the sun starts to go down. They finally decided to go into the coop before the temperature dropped any further. They were so much more cooperative this time. As I finished shutting them down for the night I leaned in one last time and said……”Learned something from last time did we?”

See how the chickens will just hang in the rain on their YouTube channel: