Garden Leftover Snack

What do you do when your garden grows too many vegetables or the lettuce overgrows and is a little bitter? You make a rockin’ Chicken Snack! We just string the vegetables together, hang them up and let the ladies have at it.

One again the girls are nervous like they have been with other treats but they finally relax and eventually strip the string clean! YUM! What a special and healthy snack!

Greens are especially good for chicken health. They love them too!

Check the ladies out eating their snack on their YouTube Channel:

Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter!

We had more requests for eggs this last week for Easter but had to disappoint everyone with the ladies still not fully up to speed on egg laying. So we decided they needed more entertainment.

Poor Stewart, the new rooster, is too much of a gentleman during snack time. He patiently waits for the ladies to get their fill before he eats. Unfortunately they never leave anything for him!

I thought we would kill two birds with stone……well not exactly how I should phrase that! BUT I wanted to give Stewart a chance to get his favorite snack, sweet peppers, while entertaining the ladies to make them happier. Happy chickens lay more eggs, right?

So I created a different kind of Easter Egg hunt. I scattered sliced sweet peppers Everywhere in the run, opened the coop door and let them make a mad dash out to find their snacks. “Go Stewart!” I cheered many times but every time he put his head down one of the ladies ran up and he’d back up as if saying “its all ours!”. Then he got……distracted. After all, he is a 1 year old testosterone driven rooster! Need I say more.

Once again, Stewart did not get any sweet peppers. Poor Stewart.

Watch the Easter Egg Hunt on the ladies’ YouTube Channel:




Fun with Snacks

There is nothing worse than bored hens. The saying that someone is hen pecked came from reality in the hen house! The ladies can be soooo mean to each other, pecking any open spot on their bodies, plucking feathers and in some cases jumping on top of another hen!

It is so important to keep chickens occupied with interesting things to stop the torture. Food is always a good one. With a big vegetable garden we always have interesting leftovers for them, including the weeds we pull. But today we are removing weed block fabric from our garden rows. Guess what was living under them? A ton of crickets!

Nothing can be more exciting than treats that run away from you! So we collected up a bunch of crickets and tossed them in the run. They had a ball.

Unfortunately by the time I pulled out the camera, the hype had already warn off.

Now we have to find something else to keep them busy!