From Hail Waste to Chicken Snack

The girls survives a 10 minute storm that included quarter sized hail! They were smart enough to run into the coop before they got smacked with it. It must have really scared them because they hardly laid any eggs that day. It took them a few days to get back to normal.

Unfortunately the crops were not so lucky. As we were pulling out damaged produce we found a number veggies that were dinged up but not in terrible shape. This was our first year growing acorn squash and the girls had never had it so I thought I would share it with them instead of tossing it into the compost pile. It was a big hit!

It started with 2 halves but they went after it so fast I knew I needed to add more. They are not great at sharing. Six  halves seem to be the magic number. Just enough to share without a lot of chaos.

What the girls eating acorn squash on their YouTube Channel:




Cabbage Tetherball

We have a new way to keep the girls from getting bored! Lots of buzz on the web, and you know what? It’s a healthy snack to boot! It’s a new sport! Cabbage Tetherball! Drill a hole in a cabbage, string through the center and tie it up. It’s that easy.

This is new to to the girls so it’s taking a little for them to figure it out. The buffs were the first ones to pick it up. They are now monopolizing it. What a cheap, easy way to get them focused on other things besides pecking.

You can watch them try it out for the first time on What the Flock Chickens YouTube Channel: