Playing in the Poop Bucket

It’s just after new years and the snow has finally melted. That means giving the run a good cleaning! When there is snow we put straw down so the girls little feetzies don’t get so cold. Then on a dry day we rake it all up and throw it in the compost pile. But the girls apparently don’t like us picking up all their nastiness! It’s so fun to play in!

What should take 20 minutes takes an hour! When I’m not forcing them out of the bucket, I’m trying to stop them from scratching and kicking around the piles I built, trying to load them in the bucket!

But how can you get made. They are just too cute!

See the girls playing with the poop bucket on their You Tube Channel:

Not Scared to Go Outside

Finally! After weeks of trying to get the new girls to spend more time outside in their run we finally have success!

The girls are now egg laying age but we haven’t seen any eggs! Sunlight has a lot to do with their egg laying cycle and it seems like they haven’t been getting enough sunshine to kick the egg laying into gear yet. They are Rhode Island Reds! They are known to be the best brown egg layers in the nation! Why aren’t we seeing any eggs yet?!

I had been bribing them with meal worms to get them outside but they don’t necessarily stay outside so I spend a little time with them to keep them entertained. Well…..I’m the one being entertained! They stick to me like glue when I’m out in the run with them. I can’t even move! They have me circled all the time! They are sooooo funny!

Well….at least they are making progress. Get some sun girls! We need eggs please!

See the silly girls on their YouTube Channel:

Chicks 1st Look Outside

The chicks are 8 weeks old and getting big! Still scared of everything though. It was a beautiful day. One of the nicest days we’ve had this year so I took the time to clean out the chicken run. Not only did I rake out everything I also removed all their old toys. Wanted to make everything extra specially clean! They will get all new toys.

Since it was such a nice day I figured the littles might like their first try outside! I opened the chicken door and didn’t really get the reaction I was hoping for.

Watch what the littles do when I open the door to their chicken run on their YouTube channel. Spoiler alert, some walk out the door but none of them touch the ground!

Frozen Chicken Run Again

Not Again!
This is the second spring snow and this time the ice on the top of the run grew so thick it collapsed the framework holding the top fencing up. Time to replace the frame with meta piping.The girls wouldn’t come out of the coop until they could see the sun. Luckily it only took a day.


First Day Outside

The chicks have reached their 6 week birthday and the run is mostly finished! Time to let them out their coop door for the first time. What a bust! This picture is the extent of the first day. As brave as these little girls were in their brooder and inside the coop I thought they would be running out the door to freedom! ┬áBut noooo…..a little wind, a flying bird shadow or a dog barking 4 doors down kept them inside the coop.

We finally got about 6-7 of them outside for the next couple days but then a new lesson was learned. The books say chickens will instinctively know to go into their coop at night as part of their survival. Well my little chicks haven’t caught on. They insist on staying outside. Another interesting thing we found out is it’s not a rumor that chickens almost go into a coma in the dark. Every evening we are having to pick up narcoleptic chickens who have fallen asleep where they stand and pop them into the coop to shut the door. They are limp, lifeless and rumble a little as though they don’t have the energy to cluck. One of the white chicks quickly woke up after I put her inside and was really ticked off! She started pecking at my hands forcing me to poke her in the chest a few times to show her whose boss!

After a week all the chicks finally made it outside at once. Every night we’d count…..1..2..3..4…..until we finally counted 34! Phew!

Now if we could just get them to go back in at night!