Learning Chicken Habits

Ever since the little chickies moved into the big brooder, they have not only been growing longer feathers, they are starting to act more like chickens. No mom around to teach them, they just seem to know what to do.

They started by scratching the ground. Finally! They were wasting so much food! Now, anything that gets knocked out of the feeder is scratched up and eaten.

They started┬árolling around on the ground. Ahh…..I know this one. They are trying to do a dust bath. But rolling around in their food probably isn’t the best thing for them, is it? So I brought them a dish of dirt and boy did they have fun! I can’t even describe it! You’ll have to check out the video.

The most fun is their need to be standing higher than the others. They are starting to climb up on us as high as they can go. Some of them get real comfortable and nestle down to roost, like the one in the picture. Watch out though, another one wants to take your spot! We’ve had 3 at once trying to get to the top!

Gotta enjoy it while their young!