Two Mysteries Solved

Barred Rock

Wow has our mystery chick grown!! Outgrown all the others. And I finally got confirmation on what our free mystery chick is. A Barred Rock or Plymouth Rock. A sturdy chicken and great egg layer. Now for the second mystery…..I was taking a video of the chicks coming out of the coop hoping to catch our rooster crowing. I heard a crow, but it wasn’t from the rooster I was watching! It was from this chicken who I now know is a second rooster! Ooof! ¬†At least this one is more docile than the white one.

Sorry the video is a little¬†long, but it’s how I found out who was crowing. You’ll notice the Barred one walk into the coop door, faintly crow and the rest of the flock freaks and makes a mad dash to the door! Funny chicks!