Bye Bye Blue Bird

I know this blog is supposed to be rated PG 13 so if you take offense to chicken 3 ways you may want to skip this post.

When we got these chicks 3 years ago I fell in love with a beautiful blue girl who truly glowed when she was younger. I named her Blue. She stuck out like the celebrity she was. Unfortunately at some point she became the meanest of mean girls and took on the nastiest of personalities!

Not only was she pecking at every chicken in her path, she also started to do something I have never seen before. First, she sucked up to Stewart the Rooster who actually let her take over his reign in a way! I knew Stewie wasn’t all that smart, but come on!!

As Stewart was wooing one of the ladies Blue came running up, knocked Stewie off the hen and then jumped on her herself! What the Flock??!!!!!! This on top of a number of peck wounds on all the ladies backs! Everyone was getting stressed out!

At one point one of my neighbors asked me if I wanted to get rid of any of my chickens because he had lost a few. I took this as an opportunity. Here is how the text messages went:

Me: Still interested in a egg layer? She sucked up to the rooster and is beating up a few girls. Thinking a change in flock might knocker her off her high horse.

Neighbor: Sure. Some night after they go to roost we can bring her into the coop and put her on the roost next to the others and when they wake up they will have a new friend.

Me: Is tonight ok? I’ll do it myself.

Neighbor: Your guys are welcome to.

If you have never heard of a chicken Ninja you have now. Chickens turn into zombies in the dark. It’s like when you try and wake up at 3 am in the morning and are not functioning. So after dark as the chicken Ninja, I carefully peeled away Blue from Stewart off the roost and carried her to the neighbors coop. I placed her right next to the rooster and snuck out. Next text……

Me: Package has been delivered!

The next day I walked to the fence line to get a look at the neighbors chicken yard and I didn’t see Blue. What happened to her? Now I was a little worried but decided to give it a day. Next text…….

Neighbor: Blue is doing really good. Slow first day to come out but yesterday you’d never know she wasn’t an original part of the group.

What a relief. I’ve visited blue a couple times. The neighbors chickens are mostly giant Brahmas so there is no way tiny blue will ever create a problem there.

Bye Bye Blue Bird!

A Week of Chick Firsts Vids

So it was a week of firsts for the littles! So what have we tried?

We started by putting a tray of dirt down expecting them to start dust bathing. It took 3 days for them to get brave enough to get into the tray! Once they got a hang of getting in the tray they decided to eat the dirt rather than dust bathe! After eating half the tray I pulled it out.

Then I shredded up some dandelion leaves and dropped them in. After getting over the fear they tasted them but weren’t impressed.

The next day I walked into something that looked a little like Fight Club! The littles were puffing up their chests, posturing and bouncing off each other! They must have been establishing their pecking order. They start it young!

They had their first brooder cleaning where I had to climb in with them. I thought I would scare the heck out of them but they were actually pretty excited to take a ride on my shoes!

I mentioned we have a laser gun temperature gauge. You shoot the laser light onto the object you want to take the temperature of. At first the littles were afraid of it but pretty soon it was a game of catch! They also seem fascinated with finger movements. Everywhere your finger goes they follow.

We have to clean out this brooder twice a week. On my second trip in I was wearing a hoodie with strings that the littles went wild for!

Finally, a few of the girls got brave enough to jump up on the perch we put in days earlier. Now they are fighting over who gets to use it!

Yep, a lot of firsts this week and this is just the beginning!

I tried to capture most of these on video just for you and have uploaded them on their YouTube channel!

Early Valentines Gift

So the ladies have been behaving badly over the winter due to being cooped up. They are picking on each other, causing a lot of stress and not laying many eggs. We’ve tried giving them toys, covering their lack of feather areas with aprons and giving them a variety of snacks.

Well they are getting an early Valentine’s Day gift!  Meet Stewart…..the new 1 year old rooster we saved from the butcher! (averted being stew!)

I did my research and the consensus was that a rooster is the the best thing for a large flock of hens. The rooster wants to protect his hens and will insist on order. He will keep them in line and will sacrifice himself if a predator tries to attack.

At first the biggest mother hen tried to cross him, after all she’s twice his age! He had none of it. He put every hen back in her place and then herded them to keep them together. He’s awful pretty to boot!

After a few hours Stewart was standing in the middle of the chicken run surrounded by the meanest girls, the Buffs, and they were preening him and giving him kisses! I wish I could have caught that on video.

I hope Stewart has a long and happy life with his new harem!

Watch as Stewart asserts himself on the ladies’ YouTube Channel:

Watch how Stewart herds his ladies on their YouTube Channel:



You’re Not The Boss of Me!

Girls, I know the cold rainy weather makes you bored, but please let me clean your home without you getting in my way. If they aren’t climbing in the bag of pine shavings, their in the muck bucket or on me! Trying to move them results in a lot of squawking and pecking.

I think I’m starting to lose control of who the boss is!  Oh….and they are getting bigger! It’s making them a little braver. They somehow think that gives them the upper hand. Girls, I’m not part of your pecking order….I AM the mother hen!

But I can’t stay mad at them for too long. They are so comical!

Enjoy a taste of mischievousness on the video.