First Snow for RI Red Girls

This picture is actually mouse tracks leading to the chicken run door! The first snow our girls experienced started with a scroungy little critter trying to find shelter in last nights storm! It managed to squeeze it’s way through the corner of the run doorway, up the chicken ladder and somehow through the corner of the chicken door into the coop!

Call us surprised when we went into the coop to refill food and water to find a mouse darting around with the chickens chasing it! It was still pretty dark so the chickens were sleepy but trying to catch the little monster! After about 5 minutes of a game of chase I opened the chicken door and let the scared to death vermin out!

Needless to say we are now making sure that at least the coop door is super tightly closed at night.

As the sun came up the girls finally got to experience their very first snow outside. I don’t think they were very impressed. They wouldn’t even touch it! Avoiding anything white! It didn’t take long for them to starting back into the Tajma coop where it’s always toasty and comfortable.

Here Kitty Kitty!

The neighbors barn cat loves to hang out by the coop and watch the ladies. I never let them free range while the cat was there because she seemed way too interested. One day I was working in the garden while they were free ranging and I heard some squawking so ran quickly to see what was up. The cat was laying down chewing on something and the chickens were lined up about 10 feet away just staring at her. My heart sank thinking she caught one of the hens! As I got closer I was relieved to see that she was wolfing down a large mouse!

You go girl! Keep those critters away from the coop!

Honestly, the ladies looked a little jealous! I wonder…..would they have eaten the mouse?