Tricking Out the Coop

So…..we should have had the chicks moved into the coop by now but it’s still too cold and the heat lights aren’t getting the coop hot enough yet. The chicks are only down to 65 degree and the coop has been going under 60 degrees. Girls, can we please meet somewhere in the middle?! They seem to be getting too used to a nice cozy basement room.

Well, since they haven’t taken up residence, we decided to add some good stuff to the coop! I read a lot about what they call a “poop deck”. Something you put under the roosts, where the chickens sleep at night, to catch their poop. The hubby came up with his own version……poop drawers! You pull them out, scrape them off into a bucket and empty the bucket into a compost bin! Couldn’t be easier!

We finally got electricity and added the heat lamps. The heat lamps are plugged into thermostats that turn the lights off when it reaches whatever temperature you want.

For the summer heat we added reflective insulation to the ceiling. Chickens can die of heat easier than die from the cold.

Now we just need the chickens! Come on girls! Chill!