Early Valentines Gift

So the ladies have been behaving badly over the winter due to being cooped up. They are picking on each other, causing a lot of stress and not laying many eggs. We’ve tried giving them toys, covering their lack of feather areas with aprons and giving them a variety of snacks.

Well they are getting an early Valentine’s Day gift!  Meet Stewart…..the new 1 year old rooster we saved from the butcher! (averted being stew!)

I did my research and the consensus was that a rooster is the the best thing for a large flock of hens. The rooster wants to protect his hens and will insist on order. He will keep them in line and will sacrifice himself if a predator tries to attack.

At first the biggest mother hen tried to cross him, after all she’s twice his age! He had none of it. He put every hen back in her place and then herded them to keep them together. He’s awful pretty to boot!

After a few hours Stewart was standing in the middle of the chicken run surrounded by the meanest girls, the Buffs, and they were preening him and giving him kisses! I wish I could have caught that on video.

I hope Stewart has a long and happy life with his new harem!

Watch as Stewart asserts himself on the ladies’ YouTube Channel:

Watch how Stewart herds his ladies on their YouTube Channel: