3 Hens in 1 Nesting Box?

Room for one more?

While the coop was in the process of being remodeled, we pulled out a few nesting boxes for them to lay eggs in. If we didn’t give them with something to lay eggs in who knows where we would find them!

The thing that’s always fascinated me is how jealous chickens get. Don’t believe me? Did you know that you can give hens over a dozen nesting boxes to choose from but once one of the ladies pick a nesting box to use, all the other hens HAVE TO have that same same box! There are 10 beautiful boxes wide open, but noooo…….they want the one box that SHE has!!

Taking a break from the remodel, I caught what I thought was these 2 hens having a standoff for the nesting box. When I got closer to take a picture I found there was already one of the ladies in the box who was facing off with these 2! This is a first! Must have been uncomfortable having 3 hens in 1 box!! Then to top if off, this little Easter Egger comes by contemplating if she can fit in too! Of course she gave up pretty quickly but the stand off of the 3 hens lasted about 20 minutes before the interlopers finally gave up.

See the action for yourself on the ladies YouTube Channel: