A Chicken Herb Garden

Herb garden on run (Medium)

It took a long time but I finally got it done!

I was inspired by the Fresh Eggs Daily blog on using herbs to improve your chicken’s health, and I planted an herb garden around their run. I started the plants inside from heirloom, organic, non-GMO seeds and transplanted them outside in a brick raised bed surrounding their space. Heck, I even tossed in a few tomato plants I had left over. It’s been very hot so I’m having to water the little things every morning and night.

According to everything I read, deer and rabbits don’t like to eat herbs and they also repel insects so theoretically…… nothing should eat them! At least I’m banking on it!

Chicks and lemon balm (Medium)

The chickens were fascinated with my planting and followed me through every step of the process. They really seemed to like the smell of the Lemon Balm. They were all fighting for a closer look at it! The objective is to have the herbs grow big enough that they poke through the sides of the fencing so they can nibble on it. Plus it will reduces the insect population.

I can’t wait for them to grow big enough to harvest for the kitchen!