Begging to Free Range

It’s been one small snow storm after another and the ladies are fed up! Every time I go to refill their outdoor water they are crowded against the door begging to get out! Since the only area that’s been clear of snow is this part of their run, I’ll open the door, they’ll get a foot out until they hit the snow and screech to a halt. Then it’s impossible to get them back in! Poor ladies!

But today is a different day! The temperature is over freezing and there is a clear trail up to barn where the heat radiates and creates a warm, dry spot right in front of it. Yay! So today I don’t have to say no. I don’t have to look at those disappointed faces and I won’t get pecked as I’m changing their water. That’s right, being COOPED UP is a saying for a reason! These little monsters take out their frustration on you!

Anyway, there will be no further delay…….AND THEY’RE OFF!