Lets Eat Out Tonight

I can hear them saying “Hey, it’s getting a little crowded in here!!” Unfortunately it’s still cold outside and these little girls need to stay inside for another few weeks. So what can we do to make things better? Let’s let them eat out for a change!

This brooder came with troughs to hang on the outside to save space. There are metal pieces you can adjust to make sure the chicks can stick their heads out but not their entire bodies. We decided to give it a try.

First, we opened up the slides to let them investigate. It took awhile for them to get brave enough to poke their beaks through. Then we added the troughs filled with food. Opening the slides once again, they quickly got to it. They devoured the food like they hadn’t been fed for a week! Little monsters act like we are starving them!

After they filled up they started getting picky about their food. Instead of just eating they started pecking through it and tossing about pieces they didn’t care for. Guess where it landed…..ON THE FLOOR!. What a mess! We are now spending a lot of time vacuuming to avoid attracting mice.

But hey…..they have more room! It won’t last for long. They are growing way too fast. We are going to have to build a bigger brooder soon.

Check out our trough test, feeding the chicks outside the brooder on their YouTube Channel:

The Chicken Pied Piper

The ladies have a habit they learned early on.
I have the snack bucket! And when I don’t have the snack bucket, I MIGHT have the snack bucket! In either case they will follow me wherever I go.

I don’t think it would ever be possible for me to lose one of the ladies. Even free-ranging they never lose sight of their source for cracked corn, sunflower seeds and meal worms! When I do have that infamous yellow bucket in my hand I’m like a magnet drawing our girls in any direction I wish to go. It makes you feel powerful!

Even though I have nothing in my hands, watch as the ladies follow every move I make on their YouTube channel:

Feeding Couple Day Old Chicks

Cuteness alert!!!!

The chicks are only a few days old and are devouring food like they are starving to death! But they are too cute to judge. They are growing so fast. You can see changes daily! Look at the feathers they’ve already developed! It all happens too fast.

We did lose one of the chicks to illness which unfortunately seems to happen when they are this young. We introduced 2 new chicks the same age that quickly blended in with everyone.

What else can you say?! They eat a lot and poop a lot. Lots of cleaning up but we love them . They seem to be calmer than the big girls. There was a lot of chaos with our last girls. Could it be because we had 5 roosters? Yep, probably!

Get a closer look at the little monsters eating on their YouTube Channel: