Some Eggs Never Change

My mother in-law collects antiques so I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised when we received this gift in the mail. It’s a scale that measures the grade of an egg! It’s pretty cool. It actually still works! Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large were all spot on!

She also sent a page from a collectors magazine that had all the details on it. Patented in 1940 and made by a company called Jiffy Way in Minnesota, it sold for $2.00. It’s worth $100 now which is impressive if you think about it, but nobody’s getting rich, right?

That’s okay. It’s just another fun farm thing to look at and if we were officially grading our eggs we wouldn’t need to buy yet another tool. And from what we understand this scale is still the main tool being used today!

We are currently selling the largest eggs to customers unless one is so large it doesn’t fit in the box. We eat all the leftovers that are small, odd shaped or have questionable shell thickness. We are lucky that our leftovers are as good quality as the eggs for sale with very rare exception.

So, back to the scale…….. I wonder how much it will be worth in another 30 years?!