Strange Eggs

double-yolkIt’s been two weeks since the chickens started to lay eggs. Every one was perfect in every way and neatly laid inside a nesting box! I WAS very impressed with the ladies performance! Notice the word WAS. After a week of perfection we started to see some interesting things. First, I was getting ready to scramble up 3 eggs when 2 yolks fell out of one of the eggs! Interesting! Just so you know, this is not unusual, especially to young, first timers. There is nothing wrong with eating these eggs. They are perfectly fine.

Over the next couple days I found 3 other funny eggs from first egg hens.

The first one didn’t have a shell! It was just an egg white and yolk laying on the ground underneath the roosting bars.One of the girls must have surprised herself as it came out of her. A couple of the hens were pecking at it not sure what to think.

The second was also found on the floor under the roosts but this one had a shell. Unfortunately the shell was so thin it didn’t survive the fall.

The third was also a thin shell cracked that landed in the poop trays under the roosts.

That was almost a week ago and we have had nothing but perfect eggs since. Top that off with the number of eggs collected increasing by 1 egg a day. We are up to a dozen eggs a day already! They are still a little smaller than your typical large egg, but they are getting bigger and bigger.

We are so please with our little girls. So happy, healthy and laying like crazy. A little demanding when it comes to bringing them snacks every time we visit, but I guess they deserve it!