Rooster’s First Crow

Well that didn’t take very long!
The day after we officially identified one of the hens as a definite rooster due to his body, comb and waddle size, he makes a faint attempt to crow!

OK, so I didn’t have my camera for the first one, so I ran to get it and had to convince him to do it again!

Now, I know he doesn’t have the most beautiful voice today, but give him a break! He’s only 3 1/2 months old! He’s gotta work them vocal cords a little before he’s ready for the opera!

Now I know you are saying “But Roosters are MEAN!” but he doesn’t have to be! I’ve been feeding him by hand his favorite snacks, black oil sunflower seeds! So he likes being around me. I can pick him up too! Now he doesn’t just sit and wait for me to pick up him, but he doesn’t really try to run away either. We are developing a great relationship!

We are excited to see what a beauty he’s going to be.

Hear him crow on the chicken’s YouTube Channel:

Two Mysteries Solved

Barred Rock

Wow has our mystery chick grown!! Outgrown all the others. And I finally got confirmation on what our free mystery chick is. A Barred Rock or Plymouth Rock. A sturdy chicken and great egg layer. Now for the second mystery…..I was taking a video of the chicks coming out of the coop hoping to catch our rooster crowing. I heard a crow, but it wasn’t from the rooster I was watching! It was from this chicken who I now know is a second rooster! Ooof!  At least this one is more docile than the white one.

Sorry the video is a little long, but it’s how I found out who was crowing. You’ll notice the Barred one walk into the coop door, faintly crow and the rest of the flock freaks and makes a mad dash to the door! Funny chicks!

Surprise! It’s a Rooster!

First Rooster

Remember the white chicks I didn’t order that started to get brown feathers? Well, I still don’t know what the heck kind of chickens they are, but I do know something new about one of them.

I opened up the coop door this morning and the chicks started pouring out. Most of them made it outside and started pecking the ground when the speckled one in the picture said ” Ca COOOOO! It was LOUD and scared the heck out of the flock! They all ran to the coop door and climbed over each other to get in. Okay….so it wasn’t a true “cock-a-doodle-doo” but it was clearly a great adolescent attempt at a crow!

Our newly revealed little rooster was surprised to see everyone running for the door and had that “what did I do?” look on his face. He just sat dumbfounded until the other chicks decided to carefully make the trip back outside.

So… that we know one of those 4 white chicks I didn’t order is a rooster, that begs the question….are they all roosters?!! They have been getting obnoxious lately. Pecking at each other, staring each other down, and pecking US when we try to touch them or when we’re holding good food. Oh….and they especially like my toenail polish.

We’ve decided we can keep 1 rooster with the flock, or 2 docile roosters, but can obviously not keep 4. I read up on what to do with extra roosters, and someone suggested that roosters can get along fine with each other if there are no hens around. Maybe we can give them a bachelor pad of their own. Hubby suggested them to be free range, in other words, no chicken run. It’s a thought, but clearly he’s willing to sacrifice them more than I am.

I’ll just ride this out until we are sure how many roosters we really have! Until then, I’ll start bring my camera out every morning when I open the coop. Maybe I’ll catch a crow for you!