Playing in the Poop Bucket

It’s just after new years and the snow has finally melted. That means giving the run a good cleaning! When there is snow we put straw down so the girls little feetzies don’t get so cold. Then on a dry day we rake it all up and throw it in the compost pile. But the girls apparently don’t like us picking up all their nastiness! It’s so fun to play in!

What should take 20 minutes takes an hour! When I’m not forcing them out of the bucket, I’m trying to stop them from scratching and kicking around the piles I built, trying to load them in the bucket!

But how can you get made. They are just too cute!

See the girls playing with the poop bucket on their You Tube Channel:

You’re Not The Boss of Me!

Girls, I know the cold rainy weather makes you bored, but please let me clean your home without you getting in my way. If they aren’t climbing in the bag of pine shavings, their in the muck bucket or on me! Trying to move them results in a lot of squawking and pecking.

I think I’m starting to lose control of who the boss is!  Oh….and they are getting bigger! It’s making them a little braver. They somehow think that gives them the upper hand. Girls, I’m not part of your pecking order….I AM the mother hen!

But I can’t stay mad at them for too long. They are so comical!

Enjoy a taste of mischievousness on the video.