The Egg Song


Here is the first carton of eggs that we sold!  As you can see, the Araucanas that lay blue eggs are rockin’! Not only their eggs bigger, they are now starting to lay more per hen than the others!

The hens are no longer our girls, they are our ladies! And our ladies and giving us 15 eggs a day! If you are one of our customers, we are open for egg business!

When the ladies lay eggs they squawk like nothing you heard before. Some chicken fanatics call it the Egg Song. There is controversy as to whether the noise is from pain or an expression of their excitement.

Why don’t you tell me what you think!
Here is the video on YouTube:



What happend to my dirt?

CoopPostsSMThinking ahead to winter, I decided to add a couple more support posts to the coop run to help handle the snow.  As I dug the holes, I piled up the dirt like normal and covered the holes to keep the girls safe while I went to the store for the posts.

When I got back I brought the posts into the run, dropped them in the holes, grabbed a shovel and got ready to back-fill with my piles of dirt.  Except my piles, both of them, were gone!

What I had forgotten was that these lovely little ladies love, LOVE, to play in the dirt.  What I saw as neat piles of dirt ready to back-fill a hole, the girls saw as a day-spa! My neat piles had been played in until they were completely gone, mixed in with the rest of the run floor.

I couldn’t help but laugh as I used a wheel barrow to bring in the dirt I now needed to fill the holes.  Every day I learn or am reminded of just how funny these girls can be. chickens1SM