New Food for Chicks

Eating Feed

I love trying new foods on the chicks. With 34 chicks it’s amazing to watch! The first brave chick tastes it, likes it, then the others start diving in to get some. Greens are the best because one grabs one in her beak and then runs away to try and eat it in peace. If she makes it too obvious, she has 33 chicks chasing┬áher all over the pen!

Their likes and dislikes? The first try was grass. I basically dug up a piece of sod and tossed it in . They not only liked the grass, they LOVED the dirt. The next was eggs. I read it’s good for them, but they seemed repulsed by it. I think it was the smell. Or do you think they knew……? Clover was next and that ranked right up there. Basil, on the other hand, I believe was too strong for them they backed away! A woman at the feed store recommended dandelions which was also good for their digestion. They liked it but clover and grass still top their list.

If you want to see the baby chicks trying their first grass you can see it out their YouTube channel

The Clover run is here