The Garden Feast


I was pulling out the last of the carrots in the garden and decided to let the girls in to free range and snack on all the left overs. Tiny carrots, beet greens, small malformed cucumbers and zucchini and of course, lots of weeds that I just never got the energy to pull. They had a ball!

Of course, like most days, some of the girls had to make the day a challenge. One buff girl sat right by me waiting for me to dig. Before I could pull a carrot out she’d dive in the hole and attack worms, bugs or any other interesting thing she could find. When I tried to stop her before she got to the carrot, she’d grab me by my gardening gloves!

One of the Australorps decided she’d rather be outside the garden gate and took flight! Unfortunately she got stuck in the plum tree she landed in and started squawking so loud, even the neighbors chickens stopped and stared up in the tree! This was the first time I ever saw every hen quiet, stopped and staring all in the same direction! It made me laugh. The silence finally broke when my hubby said….”so….are you going to rescue your chicken or what?”

So the chicken was saved out of the tree, everyone got a great meal and EVERY chicken, except for one, laid an egg the following morning.

It just goes to show you, happy free ranging chickens lay lots of yummy eggs!

You can watch the hens free ranging in the garden on their YouTube Channel:

And fighting for carrots: