The Buff Clique

Just like high school the chicken run is a competitive place. And are there popular girls? You bet! The Buff Orpingtons are the biggest, fluffiest and unfortunately the Meanest girls on the block.

Every morning they hog the biggest table in the run. They are so big once they get 6 of them on the table they start to push each other off. The other girls stay out of their way. If they get to close to a buff they get a little peck from one of them. Even amongst themselves you will see them pecking at each other to keep the order. You will see it in the video.

While having a mix of chickens makes the coop look fun, it’s clear that just like high school, if you don’t look like the girls on the top of the food chain you are going to get beat up!

So what’s the plan? As our girls become too old to lay eggs we will start adding Rhode Island Reds and have them eventually take over the coop.  Why Rhode Island Reds? They are one of the first breeds used in America and are considered a Heritage chicken. They are all around hardy birds that lay more eggs than our Buffs. And if they all look alike, hopefully they won’t feel the need to pull each others tail feathers.

Until then it’s a pretty dynamic group!

See the girls on their YouTube Channel: