Chicks Need to Move Out!

Every time I try to get into the brooder to change out water and food or clean, the chicks try to make a brake for it, jumping into the opening. Luckily they are too afraid to jump completely out, but it makes it difficult to get anything done. And I am having to the clean out the entire box every night now! They poop so much!

Honestly, they would already be out in the coop if it would stop snowing! It’s too cold for these little girls. Is it me or are they kind of ugly at this age? Maybe their current ugly personalities are shining through. There just isn’t enough room left in the box and they are getting moody with each other.

We have to keep track of the weather to plan ahead. We need to set up the coop for small birds. They aren’t ready to jump up on a roosts and can’t reach the adult feeding stations. It shouldn’t take long to make the changes needed. All we need is the weather to warm up!

Just checking the latest weather report, it looks like we will probably be able to move them in a week.

Hang in there girls! That’s not too far away!

Where are the Chicks? Evicted!

Finally! 3 days away from their magic 6 weeks of brooding, we finally got a break in the weather and decided it was time to get the chicks out of the basement! They were ready too. Getting in each other’s way, squawking at everyone who touched them. Yup…..they were done too!

Moving 34 very large chicks wasn’t an easy tasks. We had to box them up  in batches to move them. Remember, they still haven’t seen outside! While a number of them came running to us, not putting up a fight, others haven’t been touched by us at all. There were some blood curdling screams when I cornered some of them. So, I took this time to hold them, pet and talk to them to gain their trust.

The first set of chicks I popped in the coop seemed so happy and relaxed the minute I put them in. A low level of happy clucking was such a relief to hear! The last batch of stressed out chickens were literally limp when I took them out of the box into their new home. If you’ve looked at recent pictures, you can see how much more room the chicks have now. Oh so happy!

The handling seems to have increased trust with the chicks. I hand fed them grass just before they went to bed for the night and even the most skiddish birds came close.

They won’t be able to go outside for another 5 days. Then they will have officially reached their 6 weeks and the weather should be in the 70s for them. Can’t wait to get a video of their first day out!