Bye Bye Blue Bird

I know this blog is supposed to be rated PG 13 so if you take offense to chicken 3 ways you may want to skip this post.

When we got these chicks 3 years ago I fell in love with a beautiful blue girl who truly glowed when she was younger. I named her Blue. She stuck out like the celebrity she was. Unfortunately at some point she became the meanest of mean girls and took on the nastiest of personalities!

Not only was she pecking at every chicken in her path, she also started to do something I have never seen before. First, she sucked up to Stewart the Rooster who actually let her take over his reign in a way! I knew Stewie wasn’t all that smart, but come on!!

As Stewart was wooing one of the ladies Blue came running up, knocked Stewie off the hen and then jumped on her herself! What the Flock??!!!!!! This on top of a number of peck wounds on all the ladies backs! Everyone was getting stressed out!

At one point one of my neighbors asked me if I wanted to get rid of any of my chickens because he had lost a few. I took this as an opportunity. Here is how the text messages went:

Me: Still interested in a egg layer? She sucked up to the rooster and is beating up a few girls. Thinking a change in flock might knocker her off her high horse.

Neighbor: Sure. Some night after they go to roost we can bring her into the coop and put her on the roost next to the others and when they wake up they will have a new friend.

Me: Is tonight ok? I’ll do it myself.

Neighbor: Your guys are welcome to.

If you have never heard of a chicken Ninja you have now. Chickens turn into zombies in the dark. It’s like when you try and wake up at 3 am in the morning and are not functioning. So after dark as the chicken Ninja, I carefully peeled away Blue from Stewart off the roost and carried her to the neighbors coop. I placed her right next to the rooster and snuck out. Next text……

Me: Package has been delivered!

The next day I walked to the fence line to get a look at the neighbors chicken yard and I didn’t see Blue. What happened to her? Now I was a little worried but decided to give it a day. Next text…….

Neighbor: Blue is doing really good. Slow first day to come out but yesterday you’d never know she wasn’t an original part of the group.

What a relief. I’ve visited blue a couple times. The neighbors chickens are mostly giant Brahmas so there is no way tiny blue will ever create a problem there.

Bye Bye Blue Bird!

Our First Eggs!

First Eggs

I went into the coop to feed the chickens this evening. The chickens that were inside started walking out their door when I heard a knocking sound. I looked down to find a small egg being kicked into the wall by the doorway!

YAY! Our first egg! I yelled at my hubby who was refilling the water in the chicken run and I held the egg outside the chicken door. He came running into the coop and started scanning the nesting boxes. JACKPOT! There was another egg in one of the nesting boxes! Someone was watching and learning where the eggs go!

While the chickens have been fun and entertaining, we’ve been waiting for this day when they start paying back!  The eggs were smaller than store bought eggs which is normal for newbie chickens. Luckily they weren’t as small as marbles like I’ve seen in pictures of first eggs. Plus they were perfect on the inside. Nothing weird like double yolks or eggs inside of eggs. I’ve seen that first hand and it’s a freaky. And YES, we did eat the eggs the next morning and they were delicious! I’m glad there were two eggs so that each of us could have our own fried egg.

Eggs 9-6-16 (Small)

UPDATE: The holiday weekend resulted in a high yield! On Labor Day we got 5 eggs! That means 5 birds worked hard on the holiday! One of those eggs are blue which is what the Araucanas lay. They taste the same, but just tend to be a little smaller than the brown eggs. I’m so happy that all eggs except the first are being laid in the nesting boxes. Those girls learned quick!

Wanna see us frying up our first eggs? Check out the video on What the Flocks YouTube Channel: