Chicks Full of Personality

The chicks are really getting personalities now, Behold the Aracauna. They are the ones that lay the blueish green eggs. She looks more like a hawk than a chicken and acts kind of wild too. They are pretty low key but very standoffish. Watch out if they aren’t happy with you. I got a couple big pecks from one that wasn’t happy with me picking her up. They are coming around though.

I think I figured out what the 3 bright yellow chicks that came extra in my box are. They turned fully white with bright red comb and waddles so are most likely Leghorns, which quite frankly I didn’t want. The typical white chicken wasn’t my preference, but I have to tell you, they are curious, strong willed, and the first ones to climb up on me. Oh, and by the way, they are considered very sturdy chickens. Who knows, I might fall in love!

The Buff Orphingtons are the meekest little chicks. They avoid the pecking order arguments and spend their time nesting and bathing.

The Black Australorps seem to suffer from multiple personalities. While the others seem to hang with their own kind, the blacks are all over the place and range from butting chests to claim top of the pecking order, to jumping on top of everyone else, to hiding in the corner. I’m curious how they will change with age.

Mystery Chick

And you?……..I still have no idea who you are. This chick is much smaller than the others, spotted, and is never in the fray or in the corner. Another one I’ll have to wait and see.