Injured Girl Back Home

8 months ago we had our first injured chicken. The front of her wings were pecked as well as the base of her tail. She already had a broken middle toe on her left foot. You can see it in the picture. Poor girl! She was at the bottom of the pecking order.

We separated her and fed her lots of high protein snacks to help her grow her feathers back. Every time we let her loose with the other girls they just wouldn’t leave her alone! She wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. She was so quiet and huggable we ended up naming her Sweetie. We had to feed and free range her separately every day.

After 8 months and testing her weekly with some of the quieter hens, most of her feathers finally filled back in and she had grown quite a bit. We covered her bare spots on her back with an apron, let her loose at free ranging time and watched her.

A couple of hens came up to peck her and guess what! She fought back! She finally built up enough confidence to stand up for herself!

YAY! Sweetie is officially back in Gen Pop!  (General Population)

See how good she is doing on the hens YouTube Channel:



Hen Aprons (or Chicken Saddles)


Have you ever hear of a Hen Apron? I hadn’t either but the internet is a wonderful place to find solutions to your problems!

It’s molting season so some of the girls are starting to lose feathers. What I didn’t know is that when chickens lose enough feathers to show skin, other chickens get tempted to peck those open spots and literally draw blood! What nasty girls they’ve become! So much squawking I felt so bad for the molters!

I started by separating the one chicken with an open wound into her own pen, but within a day they were picking on another! That’s when I did my research and discovered the hen apron and ordered a few online. You put this cape like cloth on the chicken like a back pack. It’s got 2 straps to put the wings through, and covers the spots that are being pecked until they heal up and grow new feathers. It only took them a few minutes to get used to wearing it and all 4 of the girls currently wearing them are healing up nice!

Hen Aprons are also called Chicken Saddles. All you need to know is you call it a chicken saddle if you have a rooster. I’m sure you can picture it!

I ordered a grab bag of hen aprons which will undoubtedly be more colorful than the ones pictured. Those are future pictures you might now what to miss!

If you want to see how the girls like their aprons, watch it on their YouTube channel!