Antics of Adolescent Chicks

So the weather was too cold over the weekend to move the chickens into the coop. That means cleaning out the brooder daily is an absolute must. We are just about to our limit of what we can stand from chickens in the basement. Although, it does mean spending more time with them which is fun. They are getting ratty looking with feathers only partially coming in. Some look like they have mange! They are growing so fast you can really start seeing their personalities coming out.

The Flyer
Every morning I sneak in quietly but it really creates a stir. They wake up, stretch their wings and then run across the brooder, jumping up, flapping to see how high they can go. Now, they are jumping high enough to see over the edge and are very curious as to what’s on the other side!

The Escape Artist
Putting a hand, arm or leg into the brooder is an invite to climb up. Trying to keep them from running up to my shoulders and jumping out is a trick.

Teenage Jealousy
You’ve got the chick that wants to roost on your arm, then you have the one or two that don’t want that chick there. They either jump on her or start pecking both of you!

Teachers Pet
The white chickens follow my every move. If I call out they come running to me like I’m calling to them specifically.

They scratch the food out of the feeder, hoarding the pile. When I go in to clean and sweep up, they squawk and peck saying “don’t take my food!” although there is plenty still left in the feeder.

The Dare Devil
When I’m cleaning, it doesn’t matter what goes into the brooder, they want to ride on it. My garden clogs, my scraper, the brush, and yes, even the muck bucket! Two chicks made it in and couldn’t get out. When the clean feeders are put back in chicks jump up on top of them. Toppled water bottles are getting old!

Chick on Feeder

The Snitch
The Aracaunas are the first to screech out if something isn’t going well.

The Mean Girls
Black Australorps are the biggest and are good at pushing everyone around.

The Outcast
Small and unidentifiable, the mystery chick is barely noticed and does not fit into any group.

Mystery Chick 4 weeks

The Cheerleaders
The Buff Orphingtons are more worried about the fluffy new pine shavings and making clean nests than all the chaos around them. They would rather hang together and preen.

Yup, just another crazy day with the chicks!