Rooster’s First Crow

Well that didn’t take very long!
The day after we officially identified one of the hens as a definite rooster due to his body, comb and waddle size, he makes a faint attempt to crow!

OK, so I didn’t have my camera for the first one, so I ran to get it and had to convince him to do it again!

Now, I know he doesn’t have the most beautiful voice today, but give him a break! He’s only 3 1/2 months old! He’s gotta work them vocal cords a little before he’s ready for the opera!

Now I know you are saying “But Roosters are MEAN!” but he doesn’t have to be! I’ve been feeding him by hand his favorite snacks, black oil sunflower seeds! So he likes being around me. I can pick him up too! Now he doesn’t just sit and wait for me to pick up him, but he doesn’t really try to run away either. We are developing a great relationship!

We are excited to see what a beauty he’s going to be.

Hear him crow on the chicken’s YouTube Channel: