One of these Hens is Not Like the Others!

One of these things is not like the others…. One of these hens just doesn’t belong!

So we suspect we have a Rooster in our midst!

When you buy Pullets (hens) you expect ALL of them to be egg laying hens. Unfortunately it isn’t easy to determine the sex of 1-2 day old chicks. The hatcheries literally hire a few very talented individuals who apparently get paid a lot of money since they possess a rare ability to know the difference of these tiny private parts on iddy bitty chicks.

Well, it’s been our experience that they are periodically wrong, and they even legally document on sale that you may end up with a rooster because of mother nature.

Well! We are not disappointed though. We enjoy looking at the extra beautiful feathering that roosters get. We also enjoy some of their quirks. Plus they are protective of the ladies, so God forbid a predator manages to get to them, the rooster will sacrifice himself to defend his precious girls! Some roosters have been known to even kill hawks!

See if you can tell which chicken doesn’t look like the others on their YouTube Channel: