Cluck Norris Fixes Mean Hens

Breaking News! Chuck Norris fixes mean hens! All of us are finally getting some peace! Any time one of the ladies squawks from being pecked, Cluck is on the scene breaking up the fight, and sometime chasing down the perpetrator! All fights are now quickly put to an end!

If all the girls are starting to get out of control he chases every single hen back in the coop and then blocks the door so that nobody can get out. We’ve seen him block the girls for up to an hour until they calm down. It’s actually pretty amazing!

In the morning, Cluck also insists on getting the first drink of water and the first bite of food. If one of the hens tries to jump off the roost to join him, he chases her back up. When he’s done he stands blocking the doorway and allows the girls to start eating or letting them jump into the nesting boxes to lay eggs. Then, when he’s ready, he will move out of the way of the coop door and let them go outside.

A side effect of his militant attitude has resulted in the beaten up hens getting a break and feathers are starting to grow back! They look like long dark shafts at the moment but will soon open into glorious red feathers once again!

Yay Cluck! You not only have done your job, you are a miracle cure!

See Cluck taking control and then the calm that has finally settled the hens on their YouTube Channel: