There’s a New Rooster in Town


Ever since we got rid of the roosters I noticed the hens starting a new pecking order, arguing with each other and jockeying for the best position on the roosts every night. Of course I THOUGHT I was top hen now. Every time I walked into the coop or run they’d stampede up to greet me! I was wrong! There’s a new Rooster in the Hen house and he’s the man I married! This just started, but every time my hubby reaches down to the girls, they stop acting like proper ladies! He starts to pet them on their backs, they squat down, then if he gets to really scratching they stick their butts in the air and start purring!  Okay, so they do this with me a little too, but they absolutely LOVE him.

I found out this squatting is a sign that they are ready to start breeding and start laying eggs! That means any day now!

Enjoy this video of the ladies squatting on their YouTube Channel: