Penguin Girl

More sad news to share…..

It was another hot day when we got home from work and one of the ladies was getting picked on. On closer look she was panting with her mouth hanging open and walking funny…like a penguin!

We quickly went into medical mode trying to figure out what was wrong and what we needed to do to help her. We quickly put some vitamin/probiotic water down her throat with a dropper thinking she was dehydrated. Then we dunked her in a tub of cold water. That seemed to cool her down and relax her. Finally, we put her into a cage in the cool barn covering with towels to let her rest.

Then we hit the books and the web. We decided she most likely had what they call being Egg Bound. An egg gets stuck in the chicken causing a lot of body stress and can result in death. This girl lays some very large eggs so we suspect that between the heat and a very large egg that this just might be the case here. We followed all the recommendations including holding the chicken’s rear end in warm water to relax her and hold moisture.

It worked! She finally laid that egg after 36 hours and then got back on schedule. Unfortunately she is still walking like a penguin. Not as bad, and getting a little better each day, but still not right. We think that extra large egg may have been too big and injured her back or something. We’ll just keep her comfortable and take good care of her until she recovers.

Watch Penguin Girl walk on theĀ  ladies YouTube channel: