Frozen Eggs

In the midst of the arctic freeze¬†our brave little hens continued laying eggs! Out of 27 chickens were are still getting between 16 to 20 eggs a day! Much more than anyone I know whose chickens completely stopped laying a couple months ago. To keep the eggs from freezing we had to collect them about every hour.¬†Luckily the coop is in the sun so on a normal day, it’s higher than freezing inside.

The girls tend to spend more time sitting on the eggs on cold days anyway. They don’t want to go outside! We’ve been lucky and only found 1 frozen egg since the hens started to lay. They basically crack like the picture above.

We added heating panels that help the coop stay just above freezing, even in the sub zero temperatures. It’s really made it possible not to have to depend on running outside to collect eggs every hour.