What happend to my dirt?

CoopPostsSMThinking ahead to winter, I decided to add a couple more support posts to the coop run to help handle the snow.  As I dug the holes, I piled up the dirt like normal and covered the holes to keep the girls safe while I went to the store for the posts.

When I got back I brought the posts into the run, dropped them in the holes, grabbed a shovel and got ready to back-fill with my piles of dirt.  Except my piles, both of them, were gone!

What I had forgotten was that these lovely little ladies love, LOVE, to play in the dirt.  What I saw as neat piles of dirt ready to back-fill a hole, the girls saw as a day-spa! My neat piles had been played in until they were completely gone, mixed in with the rest of the run floor.

I couldn’t help but laugh as I used a wheel barrow to bring in the dirt I now needed to fill the holes.  Every day I learn or am reminded of just how funny these girls can be. chickens1SM