We Have Achieved Roosting

Chicks on Roost

It’s a late summer evening and I’m sitting there with the windows open for a cool breeze. I started hearing thumping noises coming from the coop. What the heck is going on out there?! I ran outside and opened the coop door. All the chicks just stared at me like a parent who came home early and busted up the party. They all shuffled out their coop door and went outside. I took a look around to see they were up to and noticed……there was poop in the poop deck under the roosts! Yay! The girls were Finally learning how to use the roosting bars.

The next morning when I let them out of the coop I found 3 of them sitting on the roosts! How exciting! I decided to spend the evening video taping them coming in a for the night. They are hysterical! They jump up, they fall off, they have a hard time balancing, they knock their neighbor off and “boom”, back on the floor. Now I know what the thumping is all about! Poor girls! I put more pine shavings down to break their fall.

Now it seems they think any piece of wood is a roost. Good thing I’ve covered up their nesting boxes until they are ready to lay eggs. They’d all be jumping into them, messing them up. Another thing for me to clean! They still have another 2-3 months before they start laying eggs.

One of the places they are jumping on is the chicken wire covered storage cage door! Scared me to death! Surprised me while I was video taping them. I hope that stops soon! Hopefully their smart enough to realize it’s a bad idea.

Watch the fun on What the Flocks YouTube channel!