How Much is Too Much?

Let’s see….how many chickens should I get? I like eggs. My friends want organic eggs.  No, actually, almost EVERYONE wants organic eggs! So I guess that means the more the better, right? Okay, so I have to house all those chickens so I really need to decide what the biggest coop is I can realistically take care of. Yes! I found someone who can build and deliver a big coop that will hold up to 30 chickens! I guess that’s my magic number.  Doing the math, that means I could get between 90 and 150 eggs a week! I use around 18 eggs a week so that means the rest is available for sale. Hopefully that will pay for the upkeep. Here is the new pad built for the coop that will be delivered next month.


A friend who owned chickens sent me a link to an Iowa hatchery website to order chicks. They mail a box of day old chicks to you in a cardboard box! Really?! Everything I read says this is a fine way to acquire chickens. Sounds a little scary but I put my order in to be delivered a month after the coop arrives. I’ll let you know how it goes!