Homemade Coop Cleaner Recipe

Raising chickens naturally means using a natural cleaner during the weekly coop cleaning. We started by using vinegar but it just wasn’t enough. After researching online we found a recipe for a great smelling cleaner. Multiple sites recommend a version of it and suggest many uses for it, not just as a coop cleaner. You should give it a try! It will also save you money!

The version we made started with peeling an orange and putting the peel into a standard 1 pint jar. You can also use lemon. Add a couple cinnamon sticks or sprinkle some strong herbs in the jar then fill it with white vinegar. We found a cleaning version of white vinegar that we used. Its recommended to leave it sit for a couple months to let the oils extract from the peel. If you are in a hurry you can substitute essential oils rather than using peels.

When you are ready to use the cleaner, pour it through a strainer into a spray bottle. The ratio of water to the concentrated cleaner is 50/50. If you pour in a cup of cleaner, you add 1 cup of water.

The citrus oils really help in the cleaning process while the vinegar acts as a disinfectant. The cinnamon, or other herbs are natural antibiotics. The nice smell is just a bonus. For me, the smell of orange and cinnamon has a holiday scent that I love.  It seems the girls like it too!

Watch the quick assembly on the girls YouTube Channel: