And Her Name was Limbo

We fenced and gated around our house to keep the ladies from tearing up the perennial gardens. They did a number on the plants last year and we need the hens to stay out so the flowers can recover. Unfortunately they would squeeze under the couple inch gap beneath the gate. The brilliant man of the house came up with a fantastic solution……Zip Ties! Yes, that’s what I said! He bought black zip ties just the right size to wrap around the bottom bar and tip down created the block we needed!

A few weeks after it was working like a charm something happened. One of our buffs started meeting us inside of the fence at our back door. What the heck?! Somehow she managed to sneak through a slightly more open section. The funny thing was if we were headed out the gate, she’d squeeze back out. She just wanted to be where we were!
It was fun for awhile but chickens are smart and others were starting to follow her lead. Unlike our girl, Limbo…..(that became her name)…….the other hens just wanted to eat more of the garden.

So sorry Limbo, we had to line the opening with bricks so you have no way to get through anymore.

If you want to see Limbo on the wrong side of the fence you can see her on the ladies YouTube channel: