Too Many Roosters in the Hen House

The white ones

I think we have all had enough. The young rooster in the front of this picture had taken his position to an extreme. Here he is guarding his area and keeps coming at me. If I pay attention to another chick he interrupts by pecking the chick. When I push him away he comes up and pecks me! All the white ones are starting to posture and bump chests with other chicks.During treat time they push everyone else out of the way and peck anyone who interferes. At night time when they huddle together in the corner all you hear is squabbling for about an hour. You can hear them all bumping and squealing in the morning waiting for the coop door to open. The Barred Rock rooster is constantly running away and hiding, afraid of being attacked. I can’t tell you how many feathers are on the floor of the coop and in the run.

Enough is enough!

We put an ad online and this afternoon a very nice family of 4 came to pick them up! They were from the city and just bought a farm. They’ve never had chickens before but I gave them the tips I learned and some websites to look at. Sounds like they have a free range situation there so if they all turn out to be roosters, I’m sure they will be very happy with their new bachelor pad!

Although I miss their young crazy personalities,┬áthe girls are already so much happier without them. They are calm, cooing nicely to each other and aren’t fighting during snack time. And the Barred Rock is so docile for rooster, he joins the girls in their dust bath and snuggles with the best of them. I think life is going to be so much better. And I’m glad the white ones got a nice family to move in with!