Mystery Chicks

When I ordered my chicks, the website said they would be sending me one exotic mystery chick for free with my order. When we first got them we had 3 white chicks I didn’t order and a whitish one with brown stripes on it’s back. I thought the white ones were a toss in as extra, and the striped one was my mystery chick. After two weeks the stripes started to disappear and she started to look like the other white ones. Then I noticed one that should have been a black Australorp that started to lighten up and get white stripe on her wings. Maybe that’s the mystery chick? But now here is a picture I just took that shows the white one with the disappearing stripes is now turning a tan color darker than the white ones……..and why do I have 3 white ones I didn’t order?

Huh? The mystery continues. Stay tuned.