Learning To Be Chickens


I’m having difficulty calling the babies chicks anymore. There are very few squeaks anymore and there is a growing amount of clucking. Ever since the white roosters were removed from the coop all the rest of the chickens calmed down and started coming into their own.

Lesson 1, you don’t have to fight over snacks. Peck the snack, not my hand or other chickens. Check! They’ve got that one covered….FINALLY! Life is so much calmer.

Lesson 2, a young rooster shouldn’t sound like a young teenage boy with a cracking voice. Warm up those lungs! It’s not taking too long. He has 3 neighboring roosters teaching him how he should sound.

Lesson 3, you need to start learning how to get on top of things and perch. There are some lovely roosts in your coop that you aren’t using yet and it would save me a lot of clean up time if you’d poop on your poop decks under the roosts rather than all over the floor! When you do that I have to throw out all your pine bedding once a week!  I can’t afford it and the compost bin is getting too full!

As you can see in the picture above they are starting to perch using a couple stumps and an old tree branch. We also built them a table with scrap wood to give them another object to fly up on and also give them extra shade.

chick on table

Check out the cackling new rooster in charge with a new calmer flock on What the Flock’s YouTube Channel. And just so you know they still have a lot to learn, watch the other video of the chicks chasing shadows on the ground from the butterflies in their run!