Chicks First Time in Run

Sorry to say but we have one sick chick that didn’t make it. We usually lose one each batch but usually it happens during their first month so it was very sad for us. Chicks are more delicate than most people would like to think!

When we have a sick chicken it’s number one priority to clean out the entire coop top to bottom. So while the chicks had been afraid to venture out their chicken door, they had no choice today! I had to chase and catch them one at a time to get them outside. None of us were happy about it!

As you can see, the girls are scared to death! I’m sure they will eventually get used to it, but for now, they quickly ran back into their cozy Tajma Coop when given the chance!

RIP my little friend. Hope you have fun pecking your way over the rainbow bridge!

See them on their YouTube Channel: