Almost Egg Laying Time!

Today we introduced the girls to their nesting box for the first time. They will be 16 weeks old on June 13 which is usually the age when they start to lay eggs! We are so excited for them!

So how did they react to the nesting box? They reacted just like they do with everything else. They were scared at first, and then they pecked it. They pecked it and then they pecked it again. They loved that it was made of steel. It’s makes a beautiful sound when pecked! I have decided that just like babies or puppies who need to put every new thing in their mouth to see what it is and whether they like it, chickens have to peck everything to test it out…. including my ankles! You’ll hear me get pecked in the video.

Tomorrow I’ll introduce them to the fake eggs. The fake eggs are a training tool to show them where their eggs go. You just sit it in the nesting box. It really works! These eggs are actually made at the same weight as real eggs so they are very life-like. We have even accidentally collected a fake egg from the nesting boxes every now and then thinking it was real. Luckily we thought to put a little X on the tip of the fake eggs to tell the difference. The girls are not as dumb as you think. After awhile the chickens start to realize which eggs are fake and kick them out of the nest. That’s when you know they don’t need them anymore.

Check out the girls investigating their new toy, then nesting box.