A Tale of 5 Roosters

The white ones

When we mail ordered our chicks we ordered 30 of them. 12 Buff Orpington, 12 Black Australorp and 6 Araucana hens. What I noticed on my order form is there was a FREE MYSTERY CHICK with every 25 or more order. I also read that while they will try their hardest to give you hens versus roosters, a rooster may show up due to the difficulty of detecting the sex of day old chicks.  As a matter of fact do you know they have a high paid position for a talented person who can tell the sex of 98% of the chicks? Can you imagine having that job? Every day, blowing on little chicks butts to see what junk they have. After handling chicks, I can definitely see how tough it would be!

What I DIDN”T read in fine print at the bottom is that they reserve the right to add extra chicks to the box as packing material for the safety of the birds through shipment. Huh? When did I figure that out? About the time we pulled 35 chicks out of the box. We talked about the freebie birds and I swore to the hubby that they should all be hens because I checked the HENS box, NOT the Rooster box. They wouldn’t dare send me 5 roosters! Wellll…….I was wrong.

We could tell 4 of the chicks were something I hadn’t ordered. They were bright yellow which meant they were going to be white. After 6 weeks we started to suspect that not only did we have 4 white birds we didn’t order, but they started to get obnoxious. They pecked everyone, they jumped on us, and they were loud. That should have been the first clue. Then the crowing started. 2 of the white ones were at it. But then something unexpected happened. The mystery chick we got, a checkered Barred Rock, started to crow as well. That was the beginning of the end. It was non-stop drama!

We decided to give away the 4 white roosters to a nice family who just bought a farm. Then there was 1!

The Barred Rock was a very nice rooster. He was very cooperative, ate from my hands, came running to me when I came into the run. Everything seemed to be working out great. Unfortunately it didn’t last long. Mr. Barred started getting a little big headed with the white roosters out of the way. The poor girls didn’t see it coming! He’d grab a hen from the back of the neck and then jump on her! “SQWAUK! Ohhhhh…….they were not happy. Now it was a different kind of chaos!  Poor girls!

Barred Rock

Back on to craigslist we found a guy who loved the picture of Mr. Rooster. Apparently his hens had an issue with their rooster. He was found dead underneath the bird feeder! Yikes! We advertised Mr. Barred to be docile which he generally was. The guy asked “so how docile is your rooster?”. We opened the box and he was huddled in a corner just staring at us. “Yup…..that’s pretty docile alright!”  Gosh, I hope he doesn’t turn into a puddle with these new hens! Ahhh….but he’s going to love it. He’s going to be free range! No boundries! Just like the white boys got.

So that’s my tale of 5 roosters……and then there was none! The boys got great new places to live, and our hens? Well……they are much more friendly with us now! They are letting us pet them a lot more and not pecking nearly as much. It’s a win win for everyone!