This is How We Play

Chicken Table

You know how they say that when you give kids or pets a gift they seem to have more fun with the box than the gift? That’s how it works here. We put a really nice limb with leaves in the run, but they are much more excited with this table made out of scrap wood! So much we made two of them. After all, how multi-functional is this table, right? You can jump up on the top and be higher than anyone else, lay underneath the table for some shade, and peck the heck out of the legs. Don’t ask me why they decided to start pecking like that.


Other fun stuff….sitting on the roosts. They love to roost so much I have to kick them off of it when I’m trying to clean. We’ve obviously made their coop way too comfortable. Oddly enough, the rooster does not sit on the roost. Oh, he’s tried, but he gets kicked off. One night I snuck in to close a window and the rooster fell off the back corner and THUD! he fell on the floor, squawking accusingly. He now sits under the roosts. I’m a little confused though. Shouldn’t the chickens be facing out? They mostly seem to be facing the wrong way. It seems to me they have their faces in each others butts this way.  Hmmmmm.

Coop Door Shade

Helping the chickens have fun in the heat is this new shade for the door to keep the sun from making the coop any hotter than it is! It really helps.

The chickies favorite fun time is when I pull out the Chicken Crack. I don’t normally promote products but I have to say,this organic snack has got my chickens addicted! You can watch their high on their You Tube Channel.