RIP Little Miss Peeps

Little Miss Peeps

It was a tough week. My mother has been in the hospital and the doctors have been challenged on what exactly is going on with her.

As I escaped into my flock to bring me a little peace and laughter I noticed Little Ms. Peeps hanging around at my feet. I found her the morning before sleeping in the poop tray laying under the other chickens. She is always getting pecked by the other hens.

It suddenly dawned on me……the chickens will be laying eggs soon and I have a special chicken with a medical problem and don’t know how laying eggs will impact her. I decided it was time to have Ms. Peeps looked at by a professional. I started looking for a vet who would work with chickens and I could not believe how hard it was. Pet vets don’t deal with chickens and farm vets only deal with livestock. I finally reached a receptionist at a farm vet  who told me about a mobile vet who worked with chickens. I researched her and she was a perfect match for us. She was educated and specialized in wild birds, having also done wild bird rescue and she has her own chickens. We also have one thing in common. Her focus is doing the right thing for the animals.

The vet was the best! She picked up Peeps who immediately took to her. After her exam she had bad news. Little Miss Peeps had a bone disease that caused micro-fractures to occur with any significant impact. She was probably in pain. The reason her body was smaller than the other chickens is her body was using all it’s nutrients fixing her fractures. I was devastated, but knew in advance we might find something that would lead us to let her go to the golden roosting bar in the sky.

Rest in peace Little Miss Peeps, we are going to miss your strange little antics.