Poop + Feathers = Ewwww

I thought we were done with pasty butt when the baby chicks were a couple weeks old. I guess I was wrong! The hens are so fuzzy in the winter their butts look like giant cotton balls. It’s no wonder poop can get stuck in it!

As I let the hens out to free range one of the girls walked by with poop hanging off her downy feathers. I put on some gloves, grabbed some paper towels and tried to clean her off. Unfortunately, there was a lot more poop hidden deep within her feathers! To make it worse, much of the poop was dried up. It was time to bring in reinforcements! I got a dish tub of water and sat her her down in it. Luckily she didn’t fight or it could have gotten real ugly! When I pulled her up out of the water a lot of the poop fell off her into the tub. She quietly looked up as though saying “oh the humiliation!” After a number of paper towels we finally cleaned her up and patted her as dry as possible.

I felt so bad for her I gave her a handful of mealworms. She quickly perked up and probably forgot it ever happened!