Playing in the Poop Bucket

It never fails. Every time I rake out the ladies run they follow behind me to see what I’m stirring up. If I leave a raked pile on the ground too long the ladies jump in the pile and start scratching and kicking. Everything I raked up is re-scattered everywhere again!

So now I have to guard the pile and stay close to it as I’m working. I’m constantly shooing them away. The minute I turn my head to grab a shovel to scoop it into the bucket they see it as a chance to dive in! The neighbors must think I’m crazy waving my arms and screeching to scare them off. Their run door is even open for them to free range but they would rather pick through poop! REALLY?!!!

Even once I’m done and all the poop is officially in the bucket, a group of the ladies hang around the edge of the bucket like they are nibbling on free appetizers at happy hour!

Well happy hour is over ladies and I need to drag your poop bucket to the compost pile where you will never see it again! Take that for all the extra time you add to my cleaning chores!